h1=. Javascript Textile This page is a demo of the javascript Textile implementation written by "Christian Perfect":http://somethingorotherwhatever.com. You can get a copy of the library from "Github":https://github.com/christianp/jstextile.

h2. Textile syntax Textile content is separated into _blocks_. Blocks can be paragraphs, headings, lists, tables, etc. Blocks are separated by double-newlines. By default, blocks are interpreted as paragraphs and wrapped in a @<p>@ tag. Use a block modifier to produce a different kind of block. To avoid wrapping a block of text in a @<p>@ tag, start the first line with a space. p. A single newline in a paragraph produces a @<br/>@ tag, unless you put a space at the start of the next line. h3. Block modifiers * *h[_n_].* Heading * *bq.* Blockquote * *fn[_n_].* Footnote h3. Phrase modifiers * _[_emphasis_]_ * *[*strong*]* * __[__italic__]__ * **[**bold**]** * ??[??citation??]?? * -[-deleted text-]- * +[+inserted text+]+ * ^[^superscript^]^ * ~[~subscript~]~ * %[%span%]% * ==@==[@code@]==@== * =[@@]=notextile=[@@]= h3. Links |@"A link":http://example.com@|"A link":http://example.com| |@"A link(alt text)":http://example.com@|"A link(alt text)":http://example.com| h3. Text niceties |@it's@|it's| |@'09@|'09| |@"quotes"@|"quotes"| |@'quotes'@|'quotes'| |@SAD(Short Acronym Definition)@|SAD(Short Acronym Definition)| |@the BBC@|the BBC| |@ellipsis...@|ellipsis...| |@--@|--| |@-@|-| |@(TM)@|(TM)| |@(R)@|(R)| |@(C)@|(C)| h3. Attributes Attributes can be applied to any block or phrase modifier. p>. @p>. Right-aligned text.@ p<. @p<. Left-aligned text.@ p=. @p=. Centred text.@ p<>. some justified @p<>. Justified text.@