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Christian Lawson-Perfect's homepage.


My name is Christian Lawson-Perfect. This site exists to link to all my doings around the web.

If you want to email me, you can! My email address is Like most people, I am especially open to receiving friendly emails.




The Aperiodical

I'm one of three editors of The Aperiodical, a maths news/magazine blog.

I write about mathematical musings, odd papers I've found, arty maths, and I have an ongoing obsession with nonsense formulas in the news.

My Aperiodical Round Up is a work of… something.

Interesting Esoterica

A collection of papers, books, essays and poems that I find interesting entirely on their own merits. It's mainly bits of esoteric maths that I like to tell other people about, with references to the original papers so I can get it right after I half-remember the details.

A collaborative site collecting ambiguities, inconsistencies and other unpleasantness in the conventions of mathematical notation.

cp's mathem-o-blog

My older, personal blog is at

It began as a place to put my research notes; I don't update it any more.


Newcastle University

I'm e-learning officer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Most of my job involves writing the maths e-assessment system, Numbas.


I'm nominally a member of the MathJax development team.

I did some work to create an extension which adds Content MathML as an input.


I publish lots of stuff on GitHub.

I make lots of things on Glitch.

Make big maths

I made this tool to have a quick way of rendering LaTeX, using MathJax.

I use it all the time, to check a command exists, or to see how something will look.

Because I like buying novelty domain names, and because I wanted to do something for Pi Day.

An infinitely scrolling list of the decimal digits of π.

Another domain name bought on a whim. It tells you whether a given number is prime or not.

There's also the "Is this prime?" game, which took small portions of the internet by storm.

Write maths, see maths

A plugin to add instant MathJax rendering of LaTeX to text areas and TinyMCE editors.


Small bits of code to answer questions I come up with.