I've just booked my place for #TMiP2019!

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I've just realised the train I've booked for #tmip2019 at the end of August leaves Newcastle at 05:58.
The perils of using the "arrive by" option on the booking form!

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For the record, it's #TMiP2019.

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Eugh.... #TMiP2019

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I've really enjoyed #TMiP2019, meeting fun maths people, and getting loads of ideas.

If you want to practise writing about maths or try out a maths comm idea, the @aperiodical is always open to you.
Get in touch at aperiodical.com/submit/ or email root@aperiodical.com.

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Following very serious discussions with @stecks and @k_houston_math at #TMiP2019, I've made a calculator where you can change the order of operations and see what happens: checkmyworking.com/misc/samdob/

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This thread was inspired by #TMiP2019 twitter.com/christianp/sta…

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@honeypisquared at #TMiP2019 @ZoeLGriffiths had the idea for a show where you talk about maths in the kitchen, so I suppose I can offer talking about maths in the... loft?