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Christian Lawson-Perfect's homepage


Hyperjumps knockoff

An implementation of Quanta Magazine's Hyperjumps game. There was some discussion on the Talking Maths in Public group about how difficult to understand Quanta's presentation is.


A Wordle clone where you have to guess a sequence from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Prime Run

A game about adding and subtracting prime numbers. You start at a random number, with a random target. Try to reach the target, by adding or removing any prime factor of your current number.


This is a pen-and-paper game I invented in secondary school. Twenty years later, I've made a digital version of it!

Get the Average Right

I think the gist of the game would be that in each round, everyone guesses a number, and at the end the closest guess to the average of everyone's guesses wins. It didn't really work.

Code Clicker

A clicker game where each click runs a program you've written. You get points for completing challenges, but each operation in your program costs points. It works OK, but I didn't have the motivation to finish it.