Something or other, whatever!

Christian Lawson-Perfect's homepage


A collaborative site collecting ambiguities, inconsistencies and other unpleasantness in the conventions of mathematical notation.

cp's betablog

Alas, this doesn't work any more!

I tried out making a static blog very slightly before they were cool.

Interesting Esoterica

This site hosts my list of interesting and unusual papers that I have collected over the years. Many of the references are kept here so I can easily find them again when I want to tell someone about the really interesting idea they contain; others are here only because they caught my eye when I first came across them.

Eat something or other, whatever

A site for me to collect recipes I like. I tried doing something clever with natural language processing to highlight the measurements in the ingredients, but it doesn't work very well.

It's just a website that does one thing: tells you if a number is prime or not. It's been useful surprisingly often!

Check my working began as place to put notes about my PhD work, before I abandoned it. I also used to post about maths things, before I started The Aperiodical. Now (in 2022), my plan is to use this site to post bits and bobs about the techy things I'm doing, for the sake of anyone else who might encounter the same problems I do.