Something or other, whatever!

Christian Lawson-Perfect's homepage


Eat something or other, whatever

A site for me to collect recipes I like. I tried doing something clever with natural language processing to highlight the measurements in the ingredients, but it doesn't work very well.

A collaborative site collecting ambiguities, inconsistencies and other unpleasantness in the conventions of mathematical notation.

cp's betablog

Alas, this doesn't work any more!

I tried out making a static blog very slightly before they were cool.

Interesting Esoterica

This site hosts my list of interesting and unusual papers that I have collected over the years. Many of the references are kept here so I can easily find them again when I want to tell someone about the really interesting idea they contain; others are here only because they caught my eye when I first came across them.

It's just a website that does one thing: tells you if a number is prime or not. It's been useful surprisingly often!