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How should I colour the days?

I'd like to colour the days of the year by changing the hue parameter of an oklch colour with the day of the year. How do I have to shift the number so that summer is reddish and winter is blueish?

Tiny Elvis

A JavaScript port of the Tiny Elvis application, created in 1994 for Windows 3.1 by Matthew T. Smith

Clip my face

The beginnings of an idea about quickly cutting out sprites from a drawing. I used a photo of myself as a toddler as the test image.

Automatic Namesby

Uses some word lists to come up with random fake place names and show them in street signs. Prompted by the thought that glitch's automatic project URLs would be cuter if they were place names.

Sierpinski interpolation

This is known in some places as the chaos game: if you repeatedly move halfway towards a randomly chosen vertex of an equilateral triangle, the positions you can end up together make the Sierpiński triangle. In this one, press the keys 1, 2 and 3 to move to each vertex.

Incident counter

Inspired by the 'paralellepiped incident' joke that some friends make. You reocrd an incident, and when you come back later it tells you how long since the last incident.

Hexaflex yourself

Makes a printable template for a hexaflexagon containing a picture from your camera, or any image you upload. Made for outreach purposes at work.


I never used real computer punchcards, so this is a simulation of how I think they worked. Click bits to turn them on or off, or in Lovelace mode you can't unpunch a hole! Shows the ASCII decoding of the card on the top.

Unfurl an image

A thing to do a coordinate transformation on an image. The example it loads with transforms from polar to cartesian coordinates.

Ask Clever Hans a question

Before I made the physical Clever Hans, I made this page which uses speech recognition and a formal grammar to answer arithmetic questions. Featuring the pixelated horse from my horsey game.

Little Professor

Alas, this doesn't work any more!

Read out an integer sequence, like the Little Professor calculator used to read out sums.

Olympic chokers

Alas, this doesn't work any more!

Which countries are just failing to win the most? Shows a table of all countries who have won at least one gold (to exclude the milquetoast nations for whom second place is an achievement), sorted by the proportion of their medals which are not gold.